HSE Policy

Our HSE Policy

In accordance with its founding principles, ÜNKA has adopted the principle of creating added value for its customers, the sector and the country’s economy by being HEALTHY, SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY-RESPECTING with all its employees trained in the awareness of their responsibilities.

In line with this principle, all members of the ÜNKA administration take the first place in these studies.

All employees, in line with the company policy, apply all the rules to fulfill the health, technical, safety and environmental protection conditions, and are responsible for ensuring the safety of themselves and their colleagues.


As ÜNKA company policy;

Foresees that the following principles are taken into consideration in its activities:

To assure the health and safety of staff and other people while working,

Protect the environment.

To prevent damage to tangible assets,

To protect the property and information of the staff and the company,

ÜNKA employees; must make an active effort in order to provide a safe operating environment, to prevent injuries that may occur during work and to achieve a high standard.

They should strive, where necessary, to develop new measures to protect their health, safety and the environment.

They should strive, where necessary, to develop new measures to protect their health, safety and the environment.

ÜNKA employees; They are based on the principle that all kinds of injuries can be prevented during work and should actively strive to develop a high sense of safety, discipline and personal responsibility required by this principle among all persons connected with their activities.

ÜNKA; ensure that all employees act with a high level of awareness of health, safety and environmental protection and have the necessary skills and support for this.

ÜNKA; It should reinforce safety awareness by emphasizing responsibility within the hierarchical structure and ensure active participation in the identification and implementation of the measures to be taken to protect and improve the health and safety of employees during work.

ÜNKA should ensure that subcontractors working under direct supervision fully adopt the standards on health, safety and environmental protection and that the organizations from which they purchase equipment, services, etc. adopt the same attitude.

ÜNKA should ensure that the personnel are aware of the damages that may occur to the subcontractors, the public and the environment.

ÜNKA must prevent accidents; minimize the accidents that may occur despite everything, and compensate the material and moral damages that may arise from them.

ÜNKA has to take the necessary precautions to protect the nature from the negative effects that may arise from company activities.

ÜNKA should be in consultation with state institutions, labor organizations, academic and professional organizations and non-governmental organizations regarding the measures to be taken during the study. It should ensure that the knowledge and experience developed in this field are transferred to these organizations.